1. some kind of majesty some chemical load……

    i gotta big big big heat beat yeah

    some kind metal made of some glue, some kind of plastic i could rap around you

    girl you are the sweetest

    thing that wears of coat of feelings and they’re all out

    they sit in that picture and they really unfold

    some kind of nature some of majesty some chemical load

    got a break break break of bleakness

    well me ? i like plastics and digital foils

    fruity nuts and good grains

    all the spiritual poison, some kind of nature, some kind of soul…………….

    too sick sick sick to kiss you i think that i could vomit

    oh lord forgive me…

    some kind of mixture some kind of gold.

    all we are , is styles?>()()::::_

    ill hold you don’t you know

    some kind of metal made up of you some kind of plastic i could wrap around of you they sit in with our picture and they digging a hole

    i’d like to spread your perfume around the old apartment

    oh lord forgive me, >??

    your silence is a bore

    all we are , is styles


    … can i tell ytou that you are the purple in me..

    can i call you just to hear you would you care

    when i saw you put your purple finger on me

    theres a feeling bout the bottle found  your bottle found  your

    heart gives a feelign bout your bottle its a part


    OHHH would you care?



    i crushed out oh i crushed all could crushed all i can then i touched your hand

    stories of your brother make my crushed high pop

    crushed out and im going to take some pills_)___HHH get back…..ohhh get backget back 

    crUSHED i can and then i crushed your hand

    crushed high goes?

    WHOOOO OGET BACK ooo get back..


    WOOO get back WOOOO get back@O?


  2. peacebone got found in a dinosaur wing

  3. itsarloguthrie:

    Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell

  7. And I just blame everything on you.

    At least you know that’s what I’m good at.

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  9. what a douche

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  10. enter the slasher house

    You’re something special
    You’ve got to know its true
    Could have been anything, but it’s right that you’re you